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The Front page already gives you a basic set of links to go to each of the important parts of this site. This exists to elaborate on them and that’s about it.
Why have two front pages? Because I don’t want visitors to be overwhelmed by a wall of text.

Essarr Lorebook

This is the personal wiki portion of the website. Currently, it is a mix of reviews and thoughts that I wrote down. It will remain like this for a while.
The start page thing of it here.


This is the section filled with various stories I either write or take from somewhere else1). It is currently pretty empty as I keep forgetting to actually write stuff.
At some point it will also include worlds I make… maybe? I haven’t decided whether to put them here or into Lorebook.
The start page thing of it is here.


This is just the blog-y part. They’re weekly-ish updates that explain what I added/changed/whatevered over the course of the week, + some things that are on my mind but I can’t article yet.
The whole thing is here.


1) ^ a So far I have not taken anything I have not written myself.
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