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This is the News section of the website, it is for… news. It includes an RSS feed that you can subscribe to so you don’t have to manually check. Correction, I thought it did, dunno what to do now.


NINJASR | DONE I waited a day just so I wouldn’t call the next one 木曜日 the first.
Didn’t realize until just now that it’s been a whole 7 months since the last news article, but I guess that’s what happens when you get unexpectedly (and expectedly) busy all of a sudden.
I’ll be including banners in the news from now on. This one is a reference to NEXTEL. Upon discovering them, I found their ads hilarious.
It’s also a reference to me having completed (most) of my serious real-world obligations.

Exciting Wiki Changes

  • Addition of the Kidō Kēsatsu Patlabor article. I was expecting to finish it in 2月…but that didn’t happen, obviously. It was made public earlier, but I didn’t announce it then, since I was expecting to finish other stuff first.

Boring Wiki Changes

  • I switched from using _ to . as a separator in links. I only did this because I thought it looked nicer.
  • I’ve adjusted the colors of the wiki, per my own goal to stick to Traditional Colors of Japan, which is actually pretty messy and confusing.
  • I think I changed the favicon, but I’m not sure if it’s showing up properly. I’ll check on that later.
  • The wiki went offline for a few days (not like anybody noticed) because my account got suspended due to spam bots. After sorting it out with the HelioHost guys and restoring my wiki, I added a bunch of extensions that should prevent that from happening in the future.
  • I’ve added a banner to the Lorebook’s start page. It’s based on the image on the website’s index. The picture were taken by my friend, replacing the previous image that was public domain. He provided me with additional pictures, which might show up at some point.

Next additions

These are the articles likely to be finished soon…whenever that is.

  • High Priority
    • Code Geass
    • Evangelion
    • Ghost in the Shell
  • Medium Priority
    • Little Witch Academia
    • Mandagon
    • Shūmatsu no Izetta

Note that this is a guess on my part, so I’m not making any promises!


Due to issues related to the imagebox plugin that I can’t fix, I’ve decided to finally abandon it. It’s possible I did something that caused it to break…but I honestly don’t care enough to try to fix it. In the event it was something I did, then I recommend the plugin, if it isn’t…get the damn thing fixed!
As a result, I’ve started to approach images in articles in the same way I deal with banners: I’ll make them all myself. I’ve already settled on a standard (with/without captions) which I’ll be sticking to, until I finally get off my butt and finish my typeface.
They are currently most visible on the AMVs page, where I finally added recommendations.
The obvious disadvantage of this approach is that captions no longer have selectable text, which might be a big or minor issue, I can’t tell yet. There’s also the problem of me having to do more work, but I don’t mind, since I like doing it.
There are a few pages where the imagebox images aren’t yet replaced, which I’ll be getting to at some point.

Patreon! ...and Ko-fi

More for the future than anything else, I’ve set up a Patreon (and Ko-fi), which are linked in the sidebar, where readers can give me money for the stuff I doA). I do not expect to receive any money in the near future (or, honestly, in the far), because everyone knows I don’t have any readers.
However, as a result of this, I’ve decided I would dedicate a minimum of 2 hours a day on wiki-related stuff.

Smaller Considerations

A/V Section

I’m thinking of adding a dedicated A/V section to the start page. This will mostly be about random stuff that I happen to know about Audio/Video/Images/etc. Besides putting it together out of boredom, I’d also personally benefit from having my own ‘documentation’.


Two of my real-world obligations involved me writing essays. I think these were…okay, in quality, so I’ve decided to (later) adapt them and add them to the wiki. One is basically a review of a book and the other commentary on using so-called AI in the Historical Sciences.

Blog-y stuff


I’ve adopted the AJAT approach to Japanese studies. The acronym means ‘All Japanese, All the Time’, which refers to the idea that you should be immersing yourself in Japanese content all the time. I found this by checking the Itazuraneko guide (which is good), which linked me to Tatsumoto’s blog (which is awful), which informed me of the approach.
Despite Tatsumoto’s conspiracy-level unhinged nature, some of the tips I read there (particularly regarding immersion) are pretty good. So I reset my JP practice and am now steadily progressing.
Part of that is watching anime, in Japanese, without English subtitles…so, doing it RAW. This has been an interesting experience, but I can definitely feel it’s helping.
Outside of the other content (which I have sections for, as is visible), I’m considering starting a Japanese book. I do currently own a physical copy of 蜘蛛(くも)ですが(なに)か(So I'm a Spider, so what?), which is thicker than I was expecting it to be. Although I’m also (technically) reading Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai.


Since my previous update, I have watched a lot of other stuff. I will only talk about my more recent watches, sparing you the pain of listening to what I’m watching.
In 2019, I started watching (and immediately dropped) Azumanga. Back then, I thought it was good, but didn’t feel like watching it at that time. Recently, I decided to watch it again, but raw. This is because it’s recommended as a relatively easy show for Japanese beginners, and I otherwise just felt like it. I have now dropped it a second time.
While I think Azumanga is a good show and I do like it, I don’t like it enough to want to continue (kinda bored). It’s possible I’ll finish it in the future, but it’s looking like that will happen in a few years. And while I like Nyamo, that isn’t enough to make me want to continue.
While watching Azumanga, I randomly decided to start watching Shimoneta. I enjoy Shimoneta a lot more than Azumanga. That said, it is harder to understand than Azumanga (I’m also watching Shimoneta raw). I understand enough to figure out vaguely what’s going on, but I would probably struggle to explain anything beyond the surface-level. What is odd is that this feels like when, as a child, I would watch Jurassic Park or the Avengers.
After finishing Shimoneta, I don’t know what I’ll move onto. Probably some of the slice-of-life or iyashikei I have in my backlog. But I’ll definitely be watching PROMARE again, maybe followed by REDLINE. You know what? I’ll be doing both of those today.


Since the start of the year-ish, I’ve been playing Persona 5. After having played it for this long, I have mixed feelings about it (possibly detailed in a future article).
On the one hand, I like the story. On the other, I find the gameplay a bit under-cooked. I don’t think it’s bad, just could have been better in numerous places. It gives me the feeling of it being kinda stitched together.
The girls are all cute though, so I’m willing to sit through just about anything. I only started playing it because of Kawakami-sensei (no joke), so I’m pretty much satisfied. I’m not exactly eager to replay it in NG+, but am willing to sit through the rest of the story. This might be an example of the anime adaptation being the preferred way of going through the storyB).
Besides Persona 5, I downloaded the abandonware-d Outrun 2000 Coast 2 Coast, which I’ve been enjoying playing on and off. I also purchased a Japanese copy of R4: Ridge Racer Type 4…and realized only after buying it that my PAL console can’t play it unless I change the region.
After finishing Persona 5, I’m thinking of playing some game in Japanese. Maybe Warcraft 3. Does that even have a Japanese language packC)? I’ve also been in the mood to try Kid Icarus, but I failed to find a…totally legit Japanese copy.


I realized over the past 7 months that I really dislike modern touch-screen smart-phones. Turns out that I am physically frail and can’t use touch-screens for long (or even short) periods of time without my fingers hurting. I have partially gotten around this by using a stylus, but it’s not that great.
However, I do also own a Japanese flip phone (a mid-low end model from Kyocera), which I only stopped using because the Android version it had installed was severely out-of-date. Recently, I discovered that Kyocera offers a newer model (at most 2 years old). Maybe I’ll get enough out of my part-time job, which I don’t know if I have yet, to afford it.

Small Wikipedia Rant

Over the years, I’ve developed a distaste towards Wikipedia. Despite my best efforts, I kept failing to abandon it. I’ve now gone for the nuclear option: blocking it. Prior to doing this, however, I got annoyed at one aspect of Wikipedia: their tendency to cite dead links.
I was checking the article for Gyaru-moji and, as usual, I skipped reading the article and went straight to the sources. It was there that I discovered that some of the external links were dead. Then, for a few days, this happened to me multiple times. It’s like a plague that nobody knows about.

A) I can’t personally tell if my stuff is worth anything yet, though.
B) Obviously minus the part where you get to hang out with the absolutely adorable Kawakami-sensei. For those who are willing to wait (a long long time), I will create a special Kawakami experience in the form of software supplied on CDs.
C) I looked it up. The answer is yes, with an asterisk. There is a Japanese language version of Warcraft 3, but it doesn’t include a Japanese dub.
2024-07-05 17:35:57 · ninjasr

日曜日 the 3rd

I couldn’t find anything particularly significant about this day, so I got a bit lazy.

Completion of the Reshuffle

After a lot of pain, the LoreBook Reshuffle is finally at an end…as far as the public articles are concerned. All the public articles have been gone through and re-written to make them better.
Reflecting on my decision to do this, I have come to the conclusion it was probably a bad idea and I’m never going to do anything like this again…in English, at least.
The issue is that very little new stuff was created, I was just doing the same thing again.
The upside is that everything should now have the same general quality and it made me realize I can write way more if I really force myself to, so that’s good.
Currently only the Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai article is ‘incomplete’ reshuffle-wise, but that’s just because I decided to hold that off for after I re-watch the series again and after I finish re-reading it.

New Articles?

I will gradually start adding articles to the wiki is various stages of completion. During the Reshuffle, I realized how dumb it was to not make some articles public when I remembered how bare-bones the Charlotte article had been for so long. My current criteria is if something has the same amount of content, or more, than Charlotte then I’ll make it public.
Soon-ish, I’ll be making a lot of those articles public.
The articles I believe that are most likely to go public at this time are:

  • Code Geass
  • Evangelion(!)
  • Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor
  • Little Witch Academia(!)
  • Mandagon
  • Mili(!)
  • Shūmatsu no Izetta


I’ve decided that the review-only-article compromise I came up with was stupid and I’ll gradually be adapting many of those reviews into their own articles. What’s clear to me now is that some of those reviews will also be deleted entirely, because outside of a few sentences I have little else I’d want to say on them.
It’s possible the Review Collection will get deleted as well, but I don’t know about that just yet.

Blog-y Stuff

Media Managers

In a previous news post I complained about how none of the media managers on the market are decent. Sometime after that, though, I tried Plex. I can now safely say that Plex is the best media manager available on the market and none of the open-source alternatives are anywhere close to the quality of Plex.
It’s still not perfect for anime but Shoko + Plex makes it work.


Sometime ago I discovered a series called Coppelion and I decided to check it out. After watching the series, I decided to read the manga. Having finished both, I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself greatly.
The series is overall really good, but falls short in a number of waysA). The thing that annoys me the most is the clear anti-Nuclear-power messaging, as I’m in favor of Nuclear power overall.
Another thing that sort-of bummed me out was that I expected the series to be more grounded than it ended up being. Perhaps an opportunity for me to make my own story?

Under the Dog

Another potential future article! I watched the OVA not really expecting much and finding myself surprised and disappointed. Overall, I think it’s the best example of gunfights and blood in anime (additionally showing that the medium can handle those) but the story itself leaves something to be desired. I may elaborate further in the future.


The LASTEXILE franchise (including Ao6) started driving me insane. I decided to go through the entire franchise and, after doing so, I started thinking about what I had just gone through. I’ll say right now that the series is deeply flawed (perhaps more so than Coppelion) but each entry has different reasons why. That’s where I started losing my mind because I could hardly comprehend how each of them managed to be significantly flawed in completely different ways.
There will certainly be articles dedicated to these now that I’ve discovered this, but I can’t say for sure when.

A) Hopefully, I’ll elaborate in a dedicated article someday.
2023-12-17 16:52:39 · ninjasr

Waning Crescent 月

It has taken me a while to make another such update, but here we are.
Despite the (seeming) lack of activity, I am still alive! Not only that, but the situation is better than it was before…even if that may not be obvious to readers.
Actual public work has been scarce, because I’ve mostly been doing stuff in the privacy of the playground. The Reshuffle should be done soon-ish, as I’ll be generally changing how I approach writing articles…again.


I’ve gone ahead and changed the way the banners work on here. Previously, I used so-called ‘standard’ banners. I’ve been forced to stop using them due to bugs in the imagebox plugin that I am not skilled enough to fix. Instead, I’ve created a new standard banner which I’ll be using on the articles from now on.
Here are two examples I’ve created so far:

Note that the first one is a test image I created to figure out this new standard. This doesn’t mean the Evangelion article is coming anytime soon.
I’ll gradually replace most of the banners in the articles with these images.

Reshuffle Status

The Reshuffle has been completed as far as the Minor re-writes are concerned, but the major re-writes are still to be done. The first of these will be The Final Station, and that’s as much as I’ll say on the subject for now.
When it’ll be done is still unknown, but I will most definitely finish the Reshuffle before the year ends, and then I’ll start to add new articles more quickly than before.
One issue is that I’m a perfectionist, so making my work public makes me anxious if I think it’s not good enough.

Minor Changes


I think I’ll be using the hyphen more often in writing from now on. This is currently most obvious on here (re-write; re-watch).

Blog-y Stuff


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself going through the Patlabor franchise, especially since I’ve re-watched the OVA.
Currently I’m going through the TV anime, and then I’ll be moving through the OVA. Afterwards, who knows?
I also thank this guy for sending me the Patlabor PC-98 game again!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

I’ve finished re-watching the original series just today, and I forgot how good the series was (this was only my second watch), which has gotten me into an overall Evangelion mood. Currently I’m thinking of re-reading the Ikari Shinji Raising Project or playing the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 PSP game.
…The article is still going to take a while.

2023-09-10 16:35:12 · ninjasr

First of 6月

I had initially planned for this update to come sooner, and I called it the ‘Spring Update’, but spring ended 25 days ago, so I decided to release this now. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but the real world will often interrupt our plans, so there’s nothing I can really do about that.

I’ve decided to explicitly copyright the content on this wiki for a variety of reasons I will not bother explaining. At some point I will release terms of use or something like it to make it clear what readers can and cannot do with the content here.
I will, however, share one of the reasons I’ve decided to copyright the content explicitly: so-called generative AI. The spread of generative AI has alarmed me, and was the last thing that made me realize copyright is ultimately a good thing. Consequently, any use of my content in the training of AI, or anything similar, is strictly prohibited.
I think that’s the most important change that has occurred. Over the course of the Reshuffle I will make some things more explicit in other ways (adding exceptions to the copyright for example), but for now that should do.

LoreBook Reshuffle Update

While I was planning to specify which articles I updated, I decided not to bother, and to instead let the changes ‘speak for themselves’. I planned to say which articles I’ve added, but I honestly forgot which ones I did add. Instead, I’ll share some of the articles I still have to get through:

I won’t be sharing all of the ones I’ll be getting to…because that would be a list of almost everything that’s currently still public and stuff that isn’t yet public.

Change to Images

I made a few changes to how I deal with images on this wiki. First, I changed the sizes of the banners I used before, making them more ‘standard’. Second, I started uploading images to the wiki itself, rather than relying on an external host. Third, I had considered switching to the use of the JXL format for my images, rather than relying on PNG. To elaborate a bit further on the last point, the JXL format has impressed me quite a bit, so I thought of switching to it to save space and making loading the images a bit faster. Unfortunately, JXL is not yet properly supported in web browsers or on image viewers, so I don’t think I’ll switch just yet. I have, however, already uploaded the JXL images to the wiki and they’re a fraction of the size of the PNG ones.

Additional Image Changes

In addition to the changes to the sizes of the images (excluding small banners), I will almost certainly change the typefaces I use for them. I’ll either use the typefaces I used prior (such as Vollkorn) or I’ll use ones I’ll create myself. This may happen sooner rather than later, as I’m progressing fairly well with my first typeface.
To be more specific about what I mean in regards to the typefaces. I mean that I’ll probably start creating my own versions of the official logos to use on the banners and such, because many of them are not well-suited for banners and, in this way, I may avoid potential future copyright issues as well. I’ll elaborate a bit further on that later.

Minor Changes

Rounge textboard

I deleted the rounge text board as it wasn’t being used at all. In hindsight, I’m kind of embarrassed that I even tried.
I’ll try to find some other convenient way to contact me. I’ve considered a Retrospring, copying my peer.

Font > Type

I’ve decided to shift from using the term ‘font’ to ‘type’/‘typeface’ instead, as that’s the more correct term. This is additionally because I haven’t seen anyone try to correct the mis-identificationA), so I’ll try to lead the way (massive ego).

Japanese in the Wiki

I’ve decided to abandon the use of Japanese in the titles of articles, as I realized it makes my life more difficult. The titles will now be written according to aniDB’s rules, just that I’ll be using diacritics.
Additionally, I’m still playing around with different ruby displays, which are visible on the Wiki Notes article.

Misc Changes to appearance

I’ve gone and changed the appearance of the wiki slightly, fixing the issue where the mobile version still displayed the default ‘doku’ look.
I removed the table of contents from the sidebar back to the default location. This is mostly because the sidebar TOC kept bothering me.

Typeface Changes

I’ve decided to change the typefaces I use on this wiki, because I’ve gotten a bit sick of them. My specific issues were that I didn’t like the way the Kana looked, and some features didn’t work as they should have, mostly related to diacritics of all things.
The Mincho/Serif type was changed to BIZ UDPMincho That’s what I planned, but after trying it out I noticed it didn’t look as good as the previous one, so I switched back. The Gothic/Sans-Serif type was changed to M Plus 1p, and I’ve gotten Rounded M Plus 1c to complement it just in case.
While I did say I’m progressing fairly well with my own first typeface, I still think it’ll take a while before I can actually use it. It’s also a Gothic typeface, and I don’t have a Mincho one yet.

More blog-y stuff

Numerical Ratings suck, but...

For a while now I’ve been assigning things (mostly anime and manga) numerical ratings between 1-10 (with .5s mixed in as well), and while I have defined quite clearly what each number represents, I realized a while ago that numbers are not great at communicating the quality of something, or whether I even like it or not.
As an example, let’s use Mirai Nikki, a series I watched recently. I’m almost certainly going to add a review/article dedicated to it, where I’ll communicate my thoughts in detail (hopefully). I assigned the anime a rating of 8/10. An ‘8’ means ‘great’ to me. This number (and even the word) doesn’t explain what I think about it, it just says I think it’s ‘great’. It doesn’t communicate what issues there were, how well executed its concepts were, how well communicated its themes were, how sensible the characters were, etc. It’s just a number. I leave numerical ratings outside of my reviews for this reason. I should also note that I’ve actually changed the rating from 8 to a 7.5, because I realized many of the issues with the series are more serious than I previously thought.
Despite this, I see numerical ratings as a necessary evil, and I continue to rate with numbers anyway.

Legal High

I’ve recently started watching Legal High, and I’m enjoying myself very much. It is very well constructed, and the jokes are very well written. I’ve already finished the first season, and I’m moving onto the special. Whether I’ll write anything about it in the future is still to be seen.

Media Manager Frustrations

Media managers deeply frustrate me and almost all of the issues can be boiled down to me not being able to manage the metadata for individual episodes, or not being able to manually edit metadata. Jellyfin is somewhat tolerable in this regard, but the Shoko Suite is extremely frustrating. I say this as someone who’s been a user of the Shoko suite for 5 or so years at this point, and Shoko is not good. I’m only using it because there is no better alternative, which reflects badly on everything else. My frustration is so deep that I may find myself creating my own alternative just so I won’t have to deal with Shoko anymore.

A) I will note that the use of ‘font’ instead of ‘type’ doesn’t seem to create all that much confusion overall, but I did notice it creates quite a bit of confusion when you try to work with various technologies and such. I’m an ersatz-professional though, so take this with a grain of salt.
2023-06-01 15:02:15 · ninjasr

General Update

The first draft of this update was written a very long time ago, but I’ve finally gotten it out.

とある re-write

I’ve managed to get started on a re-write of the とある article, having started with Misaka Mikoto, which I’m now using as a template to base the rest of the re-write off of. As part of the re-write, I had been making notes from all the Toaru media I’ve currently gone through, but I stopped doing that a while ago to focus on other boring stuff. Misaka‘s article came first because she’s the character I have the most notes about. The only other characters with a comparable number of notes would be Shokuhou Misaki and Hokaze Junko, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to their articles. because…

LoreBook Reshuffle

In another minor update I mentioned a change in direction, and I have since dubbed it ‘The LoreBook Reshuffle.’ Despite its name, it’s not limited to the LoreBook and I’m not shuffling anything. Unlike the previous changes in direction, I’ve decided to take this one a little more seriously, so I’ll be going through all the articles I’ve currently gotten written…including ones in the playground.
The Reshuffle will involve me evaluating the quality of an article, as well as any potential future expansion, and then deciding what to do with it. This includes deleting a few, so some things are just gone.
The articles I’ve managed to get to so far include:

    • Removed many of the words, reducing the size of the article significantly.
    • Finished rewriting most of the definitions. No longer are they merely copied from Wiktionary, but slightly reworded.
    • Added examples to a few of the words, but these are more for fun than anything else.
    • Added English-7 spellings to some of the entries, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue this or not.
    • Added a Quotes section, because it fits with the rest of the article.
    • Other miscellaneous changes, such as a general re-write.
    • Non-changes: The names section was kept mostly intact.
    • I rewrote the article somewhat.
    • I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the archivicle…but all I really did was fix the images.
    • A concept that was hiding in the playground.

Another change I’ve decided to go through with is the elimination of the concept of ‘an article in construction’ as I found it doesn’t make sense to have that on a personal wiki, when I can edit articles whenever I want. As part of the Reshuffle, I’ll be removing the construction banner and the tag from articles.
Reviews will also probably go through a change, but I don’t know what kind so I won’t say anything. This also applies to the playground.


I’ve decided to start writing more personal thoughts on media and the like, possibly commentaries and such. However, this will almost certainly have to wait until the Reshuffle is complete.
Considering how often I use Japanese writing on this wiki, I’ve thought about creating an article that’s just a table of the Kanas, which I can then point people to. Nothing concrete yet.



I went through and watched all of Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai again and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Although the first season was a little shaky, it turned out to be better than I rememberedA). Since the manga has ふりがな, I’ll be reading that as well.
I’ve written up a few thoughts, and I’ll try to integrate them into the current article as soon as possible.


I’ve been playing CrossCode and enjoying myself a lot…perhaps too much. The story really picked up recently, so I’m itching to learn more.

いなり、こんこん、恋いろは & Shadows House

Started いなこん just a few days ago, and while it isn’t fantastic, it is okay. However, the first episode is very rushed which turned me off a little. The next two episodes were comparatively fine, so I’ll be sticking around with it.
I’ve only watched the first episode of Shadows House, as I’m aiming to finish いなこん first, but I’m already intrigued. However, it’s really obvious that it’s adapted from numerous shorter stories…perhaps 4コマ? I haven’t bothered to check the original yet. They’re also stitched together a little awkwardly.

Update Names

Starting with the next update, I’ve decided to come up with a naming scheme for them. The current one I’m thinking of is to name the update after a recent holiday/day of interest. By the next update, I’ll come up with a proper one.

A) It had been a few years since I watched it.
2022-11-24 16:19:44 · ninjasr
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