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Wiki Notes

This article is still not entirely complete and will be edited as time goes on, because I can’t think of everything that it could need.
The article is reasonably complete though.


This wiki uses two primary kinds of footnotes. The letter-based footnotesA) are notes that have additional information, which is typically unrelated to the article’s main topic, or information that would otherwise mess with the flow of the article. The number-based footnotes1) are used for references/sources for the information they follow.

Media - Spoilers

I would like to say that most content on this wiki avoids mentioning spoilers, but I don’t know if that’s actually true anymore. The Review Collection article does attempt to avoid spoilers, but dedicated media articles will occasionally have unmarked spoilers.
Some articles explicitly state when spoilers are unmarked, particularly the sections filled with speculah.

Spoilers appear like so: Spoiler - hover over to show the content.


The dialectB) of English I speak is unusual, and this reflects in the written grammar as well. This does lead to some questionable decisions on my part, which may confuse readers. I’ll lay out the notable differences I can think of here.

Possession & Apostrophe Usage

To indicate possession, I always use apostrophe s (‘s) with a noun. This is technically incorrect in ‘normal’ grammar, but it’s how I do things.
Note that apostrophe s can also indicate a contracted ‘is’. Which is which depends on contextC).

Use of Japanese

This wiki is written almost entirely in English, but Japanese is mixed in every now and again. This is mostly because I, Ninjasr, love Japan, so I write about a lot of Japanese content.
Whenever Japanese is written, a phonetic transcription is written in hiragana and an English translation is occasionally present as well.
There are exceptions which are listed further below.

Presentation of Kanji - Ruby

In general, the display will look something like this (enlarged for demonstration):

葉庭(はにわ)(Leaf Garden)

The first part being the kanjiD), the text above is the phonetic transcription in Hiragana, the text in the brackets is the English translation.
However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Sometimes, Katakana will be used instead of Hiragana
  • The English translation will sometimes be replaced with a phonetic transcription.

These exceptions are on a case-by-case basis, which means that whether an exception applies depends on the specific instance of that exception.
An example of the latter exception would be:

(はな)()くいろは(Hanasaku Iroha)

A proper English translation would probably be ‘The ABCs of Blooming’ for various reasons. Since this is a personal wiki, and I prefer the romanization, I’ve chosen to use that instead.

Kana Table

I will add this at some point, I promise that.


Specific words/Kanji

  • とある
    • Toaru - Shorthand used to refer to the A Certain Magical Index franchise, alongside its spin-offs. The series is occasionally collectively referred to as the ‘Toaru Project’E)


This will one day be a list of uncommon terms that are used on this wiki. I’ll be adding it because I’ve been told a few times (by people I know) that they can’t understand what I write here.
Some of these terms are more common than others. ‘Lingua’ and ‘Speculah’ are likely used the most among those listed here.

  • Lingua
    • This is an alternative word I use for ‘language’ which I borrowed from Spanish. I use it because I find it quicker and easier to say.
  • Primary world
    • This is a term that refers to the real world, our world, in relation to a fictional world.
    • There is a longer explanation here.
  • Rifrën (Rifrein)
    • This is a word that means ‘to repeat’ or ‘to cycle through’ essentially. There’s a slightly longer explanation of the word here.
  • Satori
    • This is a word that means something like ‘understanding’ and I use it as an alternative to ‘philosophy’, as ‘philosophy’ implies something other than ‘love of knowledge’.
  • Speculah
    • This is just internet slang for ‘speculation’ or ‘analysis’.
  • Vidya
    • A shortening of ‘video games’ that originated as 4chan slang.

Other Meta Questions

Why lb, st, ns & why is the LoreBook 'lb'?

This was initially because I didn’t realize you could have the first headline be set as the title of a tab. Because I prefer to read what the article title is, I made the sub-sections of the site two-letter combinations.
I’ve kept it like this because changing the namespaces of all the wiki articles at this point would be too much work, and because two letters aren’t difficult to type. LoreBook became ‘lb’ because I wished to separate the site into different sub-sections, that would generally be separate from each-other. So basically: Stories is where you go for stories; Essarr LoreBook is where you go for wiki articles.
Start initially reflected this, and had an explanation of each section, but then I realized I could just move that to the opening text of Essarr LoreBook. It will likely remain like this until some drastic change occurs.

A) Which appear like so.
B) Or rather, idiolect.
C) Here it’s important to say that I rarely contract ‘is’ with regular nouns, so it’s unlikely you’ll see this.
D) Chinese characters used to write Japanese.
E) This is due to the Toaru Project which was a…project to release a bunch of content in a short amount of time. The main focus of the Project was on 3 anime series.

1) ^ a Which appear like so.
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