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Anime Music Videos are an underappreciated medium born of the internet, often viewed as not worth much of anything. However, there are many AMVs that could be considered exceptional, which I offer to share…at some point.
Anime Music Videos are, as the name subtly hints at, music videos composed of footage from Anime. These should not be confused with ‘animated music videos’ where the footage is created with the specific goal of being used in a music video; the footage used in an AMV was never intended to be used in a music video.

This section will, at some point, include a list of AMVs I recommend.

    • Considered by the community to be the most important site related to AMVs. It includes a database of AMVs, download links, a forum, and a news site. However, it’s necessary to pay in order to access some of the download links.
    • The site’s design is quite dated, but there is a redesign currently in the worksA).
    • A russian site that is basically like except mostly in russian. It’s possible to browse the site in English however. has a better design than, which makes browsing it more comfortable. It contains a database of AMVs, download links, and a forum, in addition to the news. Unlike, you don’t have to pay to download videos.
    • AKROSS is the Association of Russian AMV Creators and they’re responsible for organizing the annual AMV contest AKROSSCon. The website is available in English and Russian. They also contain a database of AMVs, but the selection is focused on those that were officially submitted to the contest.

A) According to themselves.
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