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Essarr LoreBook

Welcome to the Essarr LoreBook, a Personal Wiki owned and operated by Ninjasr…that being myself.
The wiki’s content is a mish-mash of all kinds of topics, with a big chunk dominated by articles/reviews on Media. Currently there are 91 articles on the wiki, but I’m constantly occasionally sometimes adding more.
For newcomers, I recommend reading the Wiki Notes.

In addition to the LoreBook, the site includes Stories and News. Stories is filled with stories that I write myself. News is a blog that lists updates to the site, and also has more ‘time-sensitive’ content.

The main index lists other content as well.

Tag Pages

This section lists all the Tags on the wiki. It may be more useful for finding content than the indexes above.

The Essarr LoreBook is © Copyright Ninjasr 2020-2023

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