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This is a genre of Visual Novels based primarily on making the player burst into tears at the end.
It is used most famously (and possibly most effectively) by Key.


The word “Nakige” is a portmanteau of ()き (crying or weeping) and ゲーム (game). So the translation would be “crying game”; it’s a very fitting name.
The formula is1):
The first part of the story is dedicated to introductions and intended to get players attached to the characters through comedy and slice-of-life shenanigans.
After all the characters are introduced, we get a slight breather. During this time, we start to slowly learn about the pasts/problems of the characters.
At this point, the amount of comedy is reduced a bit. We eventually learn everything about the characters. The player usually has to solve whatever problems the characters have.
By the end of the game you’re left crying.

Trivia and Notes

  • I started to think that perhaps this is more of a story structure than a genre, but oh well.

1) ^ a Paraphrased from Key’s explanation and based on personal experience.
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