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Ramune is a Japanese Soda invented in a time I can’t remember.
Its unique feature is the bottle it comes packaged in.


Opening the bottle is always fun. I find myself enjoying that part more than the drink itself.
The drink? Yeah… it tastes pretty good. But the bottle is the real highlight.
You see, it’s sealed with a marble! Isn’t that cool! How many drinks can you name that come in a bottle like this huh?
Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out how to remove the marble or reseal it. Until I do, I guess there will be ~15 empty bottles just sitting on my desk.A)

I decided to turn this strange article into something more useful, so here is the ‘Ramune Drink Rating System’:

  • Carbonation
    • Intensity
      • 0-3
        • 0 - No intensity, ‘watery.’
        • 1 - Small intensity, equivalent to leaving a bottle open for a few days. Watery, but still noticeable.
        • 2 - Medium intensity, equivalent to a Ramune bottle.
        • 3 - Large intensity, equivalent to a western soda bottle.
  • Flavoring
    • Intensity
      • 0-3
        • 0 - No intensity, equivalent to water.
        • 1 - Small intensity, noticeably watery, but still can be felt. Equivalent to flavored water bottles.
        • 2 - Medium intensity, no longer watery, but not juice-like.
        • 3 - Large intensity, effectively a juice.
  • Taste
    • This is just the advertised flavor.
  • Evaluation
    • Personal evaluation.
  • Website I think?
  • I really like Ramune.

A) Although I have since gotten rid of them, at one point there were around 45 empty bottles sitting on my desk.
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