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Ramune is a Japanese Soda that was introduced in 1884, according to Wikipedia1). The drink comes in many flavors, but what makes it particularly interesting is the design of the bottle, which is sealed using a marble.


I first learned of Ramune through Danganronpa interestingly enough, where it’s available as a gift item. My first encounter with Ramune was when I started to live in Denmark as part of my studies, and I noticed the supermarkets in the area were selling Ramune. Since then I’ve been a big fan of Ramune, with it easily becoming my favorite carbonated drink.
Opening the bottle is a core part of the Ramune experience, and is always fun in some way. I often find myself enjoying opening the bottle more than drinking from it…although this depends on the particular flavor of RamuneA). You see, the bottle is sealed with a marble! Isn’t that cool! How many drinks can you name that come in a bottle like this huh?
Unfortunately, the bottles are not easy to reseal and removing the marble isn’t either. Of the bottles I’ve been able to get my hands on, most had a cap that wasn’t removable. Strangely, the ones that had a removable cap were screwed-on counter-clockwiseB) which ended up confusing me for about an hour as I was trying to unscrew the cap from bottles where that wasn’t possible. My attempts to figure out how to remove the cap led me to collect bottles until I could properly figure it out (so as to get to the marbles).C) One of my methods was to use a knife to cut into the cap, but this was too much effort for too little reward.

  • Website I think?
  • I really like Ramune.

A) As of now, my favorite flavor is Blueberry, and I do not care for Melon.
B) Meaning that, to remove the cap, you had to turn the cap clockwise, rather than the standard counter-clockwise.
C) Although I have since gotten rid of them (without recovering the marbles), at one point there were around 45 empty bottles sitting on my desk.

1) ^ a Ramune
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