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Hangul Supremacy

The set of articles listed below are what I call ‘archivicles’ - ‘archive’-‘article’. I copy-pasted them here because the original blog they were hosted on has gone offline at some point in the past.
These articles are concerned with the topic of ‘hangul supremacy’. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon them, but I found them interesting, so I decided to archive them here.
The text and images are copied as precisely as possible, although there may be the occasional error.


  • If, by some chance, Kuiwon stumbles upon these and wants them removed, then I urge you to contact me, and we can discuss it.
  • I became interested in the topic of ‘hangul supremacy’ for two reasons:
    1. I’ve gotten annoyed of certain people constantly insisting that Hangul is the best, or one of the best, writing systems in the world.
    2. I’m far more annoyed when people say the Japanese writing system is terrible due to its complexity…and I get especially annoyed when they go on to compare it to Hangul.
  • The pages aren’t properly tagged because I don’t consider them to be regular wiki articles.
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