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I am no-one of particular interest, just another netizen who’ll be forgotten in a couple of weeks.
This personal wiki exists because I felt like making one one day… there’s no deeper reason.


I can be contacted at one of two places one place… Either on Discord - 「Ninjasr#2429」 or nowhere else. You can try to contact me on other textboards, theoretically. But there’s no guarantee I’ll actually reply.
I do have a tripcode. That trip being 「◆n4WKGPWxc6」A). If I ever choose to not post anonymously on other boards, you’ll probably see this one.


  • I was naturally born left-handed, apparently. At some point in my childhood I started using my right hand instead. However, I still fairly frequently choose my left hand over my right.
    • I don’t believe I can be described as ambidextrous unfortunately. Although there was a brief time where I could write with my left hand.
  • To describe my politics is to first explain that I consider myself fairly religious, as I center my political views around my religious/philosophical views.
    • I won’t reveal what my current religion is, just that it is East-Asian in origin. However, I am still actively figuring out what my religious/philosophical views actually are, so my political ones shift occasionally.
      • I was born a catholic, but I fizzled out of it a while ago. Even before I adopted my current faith I wasn’t really a catholic, more of an Anglican.
    • I don’t like describing myself using any particular labels, as they always give people the wrong impression. Formerly, I attached myself to ‘capitalism’ when it came to economics, but that isn’t accurate anymore.
      • The best way to explain my current economic views succinctly would be ‘pragmatic interventionist capitalism.’ Maybe I’ll create an article about economics in the future. I don’t care about doctrine or ideology, only about what works and can be/is proven to work.
  • As a young’un I moved to a different country. I was both too old and too young. My dive into the internet partially stems from me feeling like an outsider everywhere.
  • I am a great admirer of, what I call, the early 2000s. Which really just means anything from the years 1998-2011.
    • I’m also fully aware that my internal idea of “the early 2000s” is nothing like what the actual decade was like.
  • I really love Japan and everything about it. I can’t really express it any better than that.
    • My laziness is the only thing preventing me from learning the language.
  • I use XD unironically. I kinda got used to it.

A) The ◆ is a character that indicates the beginning of a tripcode, used most commonly on Japanese boards. Most Western boards have the trip start with an !.
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