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I formerly described myself as ‘no-one of particular interest who’ll be forgotten easily’ but I have recently realized that that isn’t accurate. I created the personal wiki for no particular reason, and I frequently found myself unsure of what to use it for, but I think I’ve figured it out by now.


I can be contacted in only one place, currently, that being DiscordA). While I occasionally visit textboards, I don’t do posts often, although I will post under a tripcode.

Tripcode Details

Tripcodes are not very secure, this is just the nature of how they work. But since they’re only used for identification, it isn’t a big deal to create a new trip.
My previous primary tripcode was 「!n4WKGPWxc6」. I’ve since decided to change it to 「!Y2wfNRRL8s」. This is because I accidentally leaked the password yesterday (2024-06-03). I’m not sure if anyone is aware (or cares) about it, but I definitely won’t use my old one for, at minimum, a year.
I prefer my new trip’s password anyhow, more me.

Online Communities

I don’t tend to actively, or even passively, take part in any online communities. The one exception to this was with the Bibliotheca Anonoma, where I briefly copy-pasted articles from their Github wiki to the dedicated wiki, and I hung out on their discord server. I stopped taking part when I realized the members didn’t really care about the actual wiki articles, alongside the fact I now fundamentally disagree with their views on archivalB), and that their members came off as weird and uninformed.
Outside of this, I was brieflyC) an active member on the ‘official’ Cube World Discord server’sD) off-topic channel category. I left that when I realized I don’t care about the game at all. Before I did, I wrote an article that went over the history, that I was aware of, of the server. The article was formerly on this wiki, and I mirrored it on the Bibanon with permission from the Bibanon. I removed the article from here because I got embarrassed of itE), but I left it on the Bibliotheca Anonoma for posterity’s sake. I do still have a userpage on there thoughF).
I’ve gotten a little bolder in recent years, and started more actively engaging with people online in various places, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a member of any community.
More recently, I had joined an anti-AI group, but left them soon afterwardsG). Despite leaving, I would still firmly plant myself in the ‘Anti-AI’ campH).
I guess it’s accurate to say I’m more of a passive observer.


  • The only piece of trivia that matters is who my current waifu is: Kawakami Sadayo.
    • Now that I’ve finally gotten around to watching Azumanga, I’m realizing I may have a thing for women who are older than me.
  • My cradle tongue is English, but I can speak Czech fluentlyI). Besides these two languages, I’m in the process of learning Japanese.
  • I was naturally born left-handed, apparently. At some point in my childhood I started using my right hand instead. However, I still fairly frequently choose my left hand over my right.
    • I don’t believe I can be described as ambidextrous unfortunately. Although there was a brief time where I could write with my left hand.
    • The most obvious non-risqué example is how I attach my belt: I attach it as a left-handed person would. Besides that, I hold cutlery as a left-handed person (which family members have commented on in the past).
      • Interestingly, my siblings likely hold cutlery left-handed due to my influence.
  • To describe my politics is to first explain that I consider myself fairly religious, as I center my political views around my religious/philosophical views.
    • I won’t reveal what my current religion is, just that it is East-Asian in origin. However, I am still actively figuring out what my religious/philosophical views actually are, so my political ones shift occasionally.
      • I was born a catholic, but I fizzled out of it a while ago. Even before I adopted my current faith I wasn’t really a catholic, more of an Anglican.
    • I really dislike using political labels, and particularly the so-called ‘left-right’ spectrum. While I try to avoid labelling myself in particular, other people label me anyway, and they most commonly label me as ‘right-wing’ or ‘conservative’. The words I’d use myself, if forced to, would be ‘pragmatist’ or ‘religious’ however.
      • As a joke I occasionally label myself as a ‘de-facto Japanese nationalist’.
      • It’s also important to note that, at one point, I was basically the opposite: very secular, progressive…and I’d even place myself within a…certain community. Those times have changed.
      • Additionally, although these labels are applied to me, the situation is a lot more complex: I can guarantee that if ‘conservatives’ were aware of my actual views, I’d be disliked by them as well. This is one of the reasons I find the left-right distinction pointless: I’m on the right, but the right would not like me.
  • As a young’un I moved to a different country. I was simultaneously too old for this, and too young. My dive into the internet partially stems from me feeling like an outsider everywhere.
    • The internet didn’t really help and I continued to feel like an outsider everywhere.
  • I am a great admirer of, what I call, the early 2000s. Which really just means anything from the years 1998-2011.
    • I’m also fully aware that my internal idea of “the early 2000s” is nothing like what the actual decade was like.
  • I really love Japan and everything about it. I can’t really express it any better than that.
    • My laziness is the only thing preventing me from learning the language. I’m progressing relatively well with the language actually.
  • I am an Academic Professional in IT Technology (that means High Tech).
  • Based on who my peers are in the personal wiki space, it appears I am currently the youngest (and consequently the dumbest).
  • I use XD unironically. I kinda got used to it.

A) My former tag was 「Ninjasr#2429」 but it’s now 「ninjasr」 because of Discord’s stupid change.
B) I won’t clarify for now because it could easily lead to misunderstanding.
C) ‘Briefly’ meaning a few years.
D) Formerly the r/Cube World Discord server.
E) Back when I wrote it I was trying to emulate the writing style of 0037’s personal wiki, which I realized was a stupid thing to do.
F) The star in my username is because I registered an account but forgot the password to it, so I was forced to re-register with the star added. There’s no particular meaning behind the star. Although, if there was a meaning behind it, I’ve forgotten it at this point.
G) I was bothered by the (frankly, extremist) left-leaning views in there. But, perhaps most importantly, they were far too pessimistic, whereas I’m pretty optimistic.
H) Of course, that doesn’t stop me from engaging in AI ERP. It’s about the only real-world use-case it has, by the way.
I) Albeit not very well.
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