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Books are a text-based medium, that usually take the form of printed paper pages bound together.
For the purposes of this wiki only Light Novels are considered separate, but this may change in the future.


There aren’t any articles dedicated to books yet. This is because I don’t read many fiction books that aren’t light novels. Actually, I don’t do much reading in general, although I’m changing this.


Nothing yet here!

    • It’s a database of books that also comes with tracking capabilities. I’ve shifted to using it as my default source of information on books.
    • Goodreads is probably the most popular database of books and comes with tracking capabilities. I previously used it as my default source of information.
    • A MusicBrainz offshoot dedicated to books. It’s relatively new, but I’m considering switching to it as my default source. I found that it really isn’t ready to be used for anything serious yet.
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