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Kazamatsuri was a fan community based around Key and their properties. It was mostly in the form of a blog with a forum. Despite their focus on a niche(ish) topic, the site was fairly active all the way until it was shut down in 2019A).

Noteworthy Content

A member of their forum had created a mod for Little Busters that adds sprites of ‘Suginami’, a minor character that got popular after her appearance in the anime.
Besides that, Kazamatsuri was also involved in a few translation projects; providing translations for Planetarian “Jerusalem” and Planetarian “Tircis and Aminte”.


Kazamatsuri had two generators on their site. The Aphorism Generator was the main one, which allows one to create Aphorisms in the style of Little Busters aphorisms. Additionally, they had a Team Name Generator, also inspired by Little Busters, although it isn’t listed on their main site.
After I heard they were shutting down, I stole borrowed them to preserve them, but it appears I got ahead of myself, since the site is still functioning. Due to that, I’ve edited them slightly, cleaning them up and personalizing them. I may edit them further in the future, but I have nothing planned in particular.
Both the Aphorism Generator and the Team Name Generator were created by ‘Bonecuss’ from the Kazamatsuri forums - at least that’s what’s written in their ‘code’.

A) It should probably be made clear that ‘shut down’ simply means the forums are closed and the news aren’t receiving any updates. The website can still be accessed and gone through.
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