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Chanverse is a term I use to refer to the various anonymous BBS’ that exist. Although I also use it to specifically refer to the boards that are aligned with ‘chan culture’.
The term is a combination of ‘chan’ from ‘2channel’ and ‘verse’.


I am a relative newcomerA) to the chanverse. My first visit to a chan was about 4-5 years agoB), and prior to my visit, I knew essentially nothing.
Owing to my status as a newcomer, I have a much smaller interest in chans compared to my peers, so there isn’t all that much chanverse-related content on here.
The chanverse suffers from a lack of activityC), which makes regularly visiting boards pretty pointless. The only chan I check up on quasi-regularly is Channel4, but that amounts to a visit every 2 months or so.
However, 4chan’s community have produced other websites that I visit far more regularly, among them being 1d4chanD) or the buyf/a/gs guide. I’ll (hopefully) get to writing about my favorites at some point.

Chan Articles

/azu/ Channel4

  • As my peers have much more written on the Chanverse, I will link to their articles on the subjects.
  • Compendium of Personal Ignorance article on ‘Chans’.
  • Everything Rumia Knows article on ‘Bulletin Boards’.
  • The CPI and Rumia both have other articles related to the chanverse, which I recommend reading if you’re interested in the chanverse.
  • For a while, I was under the impression that I had coined the term ‘chanverse’E), but I realized that I (probably) borrowed it from a flowchart that explained the history of the ‘chanverse’, which was created by some anon. I don’t have the flowchart on me, and I don’t know where I could find it…so that’s unfortunate.

A) Or ‘newfag’ in chanspeak.
B) At the time of writing (2023). I had previously written ‘2-3 years ago’, which was in 2021, but I don’t remember how accurate even that was.
C) Outside of the big popular sites like 4chan of course, but many of these big sites either don’t appeal to me (Lainchan) or, in the case of 4chan, have declined in quality.
D) 1d4chan is also one of my favorite sites online.
E) I must admit however, that despite thinking this, I was fairly sure that someone else had used the term before me.
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