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Personal wikis are wikis that are run entirely by a single person, hence ‘personal’. The wiki you are currently on is a personal wiki - shocking, I can imagine.
They’re similar to blogs, but the key difference is that blogs tend to be chronologically linearA), while personal wikis are chronologically non-linearB). Personal Wikis would suit pirates extremely well, as far as organization of content…on the other hand, it may make it easier for authorities to shut them down…somehow.

Other personal wikis

Alive personal wikis (I'm somewhat aware of)

Dead personal wikis (of interest to me)

  • Everything Shii Knows - Run by Shii, arguably started the whole personal wiki crazeD). I only include it in this list due to that fact.
  • World2ch Historical Society (Archive) - Run by 0037, the only dead personal wiki I bothered to go through. Has info on the early days of 4chan and the days preceding 4chan. The archive is maintained by killsushiE).


I had initially been planning to use MediaWiki for this wiki, but it turned out to be far more complicated to install than I previously anticipated. Consequently, I don’t recommend MediaWiki for personal wikis.
Instead, DokuWiki is the better option for a personal wiki and it’s what I’m currently using. I like DokuWiki so much that I recommend it to people for other web-based purposes.
If you don’t want other people to see your personal wikiF), or you want to build up the wiki before publishing online, then it’s best to use DokuWiki on a stick or WikidPad. Dokuwiki on a stick can easily be migrated to a Dokuwiki installation.
If you’re a writer, and you’re primarily interested in organizational software, then I’d personally recommend Scrivener. It’s commercial software, but the price is definitely worth it. I use it to help me organize my writing materialG).

A note on something I noticed

A while ago, I noted that there appeared to be a clear differentiation between the tones and presentation of personal wikis, although I haven’t looked into it any further than ‘I noticed something!'
From what I’ve observed, there are two main ‘families’ of personal wiki, where each descend from one of the first ones - Shii and 0037’s wikis.
The wikis derived from Shii’s tend to be more formal, they cite sources more often, and generally present themselves in an encyclopedic mannerH). Those derived from 0037 tend to use cruder language, are generally looser in tone, have less sources, and are generally more ‘blog-like’I;J).
I did notice a little later, however, that personal wikis don’t neatly fall into one or the other. My own wiki has undergone a significant changeK).
Nowadays, I actually think that this classification doesn’t work the way it did before. There are very few personal wikis around, and they appear to take little inspiration from the dead ones. In my case, I see myself as separate from the rest, so the classification doesn’t make sense. Another issue is that I really don’t read many personal wikis, and those I do I read rarely, so whether this realistically applies is unlikely.
I am noting this in the event someone wants to look further into it, perhaps they’ll find something, or maybe they won’t.

A) Meaning content is posted and viewed in the order that it is published.
B) Content isn’t posted and viewed in a chronological manner.
C) Not actually run by Killsushi.
D) As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any personal wikis older than his, and he’s the one who coined the term.
E) There was a very short update sometime in 2022/2021 that the website would be returning, but that hasn’t happened yet.
F) Perhaps you can see how this benefits you in a way other than just as a hobby, as I have.
G) I had previously used Dokuwiki, but found Scrivener to be better suited for my needs.
H) This is a crude way of explaining it. I chose to use ‘encyclopedic’ rather than ‘professional’, because I realized many of them do not attempt to be professional, merely formal.
I) Here I’m not referring to chronological linearity, but rather to the stereotype that blogs tend to be filled with more personal, less professional content.
J) As an additional note on the 0037/Shii thing, it appears the two of them saw each-other as rivals…or that is how 0037 presents it, at least, so it doesn’t seem that unusual to me that the two ended up as opposites. Take this with a grain of salt, because I’ve only read 0037’s wiki, and I found Shii’s generally uninteresting.
K) I would have said that my personal wiki originally derived from 0037’s, but is now much closer to Shii’s. Nowadays, though, I’d say something different… · Last modified: 2024-04-25 09:00:12 by ninjasr

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