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Worldbuilding is the act of building a world.
The idea is to create a fictional setting for… something. You can worldbuild because you need a world for a story or just for fun.

An issue

I’ve come to notice that among the “worldbuilding community” there’s a bias towards, what I call, “realist worldbuilding” or the “realist” approach.
This approach aims to create a world as realistic andor naturalistic as possible. When making a planet, you start with the continental plates and work from there. You carefully craft the landscape so everything is where it would be in real life. It doesn’t just apply to geography, but linguistics, religion, culture and more.

Pragmatic Approach

Over time I realised this approach, while useful for crafting realistic/naturalistic worlds… isn’t very useful for beginners and those who are writing a story.
If you’re writing a romance novel, do you really need to figure out continental drift or the ecosystem of the continent on the other side of the planet? No, of course not.
So to counter(?) this I’ve come up with my own approach. The “pragmatic” one.
The aim here is simple: Only do that which you need for whatever you’re doing.
I will do my best to fill this place with pragmatic guides.


Something to be kept in mind… If you really want to worldbuild something, then go ahead. Just try not to forget what your original goal is/was. If you’re worldbuilding for a book, try to finish writing it.

  • “World”-building
  • Languages and Names
  • States and Governments

3rd Party Guides

Will be filled eventually!

  • The previous article was a bit poorly done.
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