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Tabletop Games

Tabletop games, and board games, are games that are played in real life, typically on a table with friendsN).
On this wiki, the term is used to refer to everything from card games, to board games, to tabletop RPGs.
For video games, I recommend going to Games instead.



    • A spin-off of 4chan’s /tg/ - Traditional Games board. It has a lot of information on tabletop-related subjects. 1d4chan also happens to be one of my favorite websites on the internet, and is responsible for making me interested in tabletop gaming.

1) ^ a Watched it about 2 times now
2) ^ a The thing with the baby was priceless
3) ^ a Such as Pale Moon or Opera V12
4) ^ a Maybe it’s intentional.

A) I used to repeatedly state that I don’t watch much mecha, but I think at this point I’ve seen a few.
B) At least according to the previous version of this review.
C) The obvious choices, which I’ve seen, would be Strike Witches, Prison School, No Game No Life, and Highschool Of The Dead. Strike Witches and NGNL are quite reserved compared to Prison School and HOTD however.
D) The previous version of this review mentions I felt the worldbuilding was inconsistent sometimes, but it doesn’t expand further. I don’t remember the details at all, so I’m only mentioning this in this note.
E) Although I should admit I don’t have much experience with good mysteries - the Danganronpa series isn’t merely the best I’ve experienced, but potentially the only good one. Prior to Danganronpa I had only seen Death in Paradise, and miscellaneous episodes of Poirot and Miss Marple (here I’m referring to the adaptations, which are reportedly vastly different from the books), none of which are particularly well constructed mysteries.
F) It’s understandably confusing (I had to look it up to be sure). This manga is theoretically an adaptation of the anime rather than the first game…but I think it sticks a bit more to the game.
G) Somewhat heretically, I watched a let’s play of the first game…which is how I learned about Danganronpa in the first place. Thank the TTV Channel on YouTube for getting me into Danganronpa!
H) I should be clear by stating the twists in these games are generally handled well, with plenty of hints prior.
I) I don’t currently know if the codes are randomly generated or not. I’d assume they are (because that would be obvious), but there is a chance they aren’t.
J) Although his commentary during levels does come off as awkward at times.
K) To be fair, the manga only has two major arcs - The Goddess Arc being one, with the Heart of Jupiter Arc being the one to end the manga. The anime does adapt most of the manga and also avoids the frankly awful ending of the manga. Most of the minor arcs + one of the two major arcs is pretty good, all things considered.
L) yes
M) Like with the cow
N) Friends are, of course, optional.
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