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Translations and Transliterations of Names

This article lists a random assortment of names that I translated into other languages. Currently, it’s limited to translations in Japanese.


Some time in the past I was curious as to what my name would be if translated into Japanese, but, to my disappointment, I only found transliterations of my name. This was when I decided to just do it myself.
The ‘how’ was not as difficult as I thought. To translate a name, you simply find the meaning of the name, and then find a word that represents that meaning in another language.
It turned out that my name has a rather complicated meaning, so I decided to go at much simpler names first. Eventually, I will be able to say ‘that’s my name right there!’ but, for now, that won’t be possible.

Note on Translation & Transliteration

Translation is the act of converting something from one language to another, while transliteration is the rewriting of something in another language/script.
Using ‘sky’ as an example, a Japanese translation would be '(そら)’, while a transliteration would be スカイ - sukai.


  • Estelle
    • This name means ‘star’1) in the original lingua. So I believe it would work as:
      • (ほし) - (Hoshi) - meaning ‘star.’
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Estelle → エステル (Esuteru)
          • Ateji: 回吸晃(エステル) → ‘An instance of clear inhalation’
      • By spelling:
        • Estelle → エステッレ (Esuterre)
          • Ateji: 衞鬚逹礼(エステッレ) → ‘Gratitude for arriving at the defense of whiskers’
  • Keira/Ciara
    • This one means ‘black’1) in the original lingua - I think I can safely say this would become:
      • (くろ) - (Kuro) - which means ‘black’.
    • However, it should not be forgotten that ‘Ciara’ is a feminine version of the original word. So, logically, the translation should also be feminized:
      • 黒子(くろこ) - (Kuroko) - Which means ‘black girl/child’ A).
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Keira/Ciara → キーラ (Kīra)
          • Ateji: (キーラ) → ‘North’
      • By spelling:
        • Keira → ケイラ (Keira)
          • Ateji: 薊楽(ケイラ) → ‘Comfort thistle’
        • Ciara → キアラ (Kiara)
          • Ateji: 季讐蘿(キアラ) → ‘Enemy moss season’
  • Lilian (and variations thereof)
    • This name is a variant of ‘Lily’1) which is a flower, and Japanese has a direct name:
      • 百合(ゆり) - (Yuri)
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Lily → リリ (Riri)
          • Ateji: 貍成(リリ) → ‘Turning into racoon-dog’
        • Lilian → リリアン (Ririan)
          • Ateji: 入鮟(リリアン) → ‘Entering angler-fish’
        • Liliana → リリアナ (Ririana)
          • Ateji: 入孔(リリアナ) → ‘Entering hole’
  • Noor (and variations thereof)
    • This name means ‘light’1) in the original lingua, so I believe it would become:
      • (ひかり) - (Hikari) - which means ‘light.’
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Nora/Norah → ノラ (Nora)
          • Ateji: (ノラ) → ‘Seedling’
        • Nura/Noora → ヌラ (Nura)
          • Ateji: 褪蠡(ヌラ) → ‘Worm-eaten fade’
      • By spelling:
        • Noora → ノーラ (Nōra)
          • Ateji: 応騾(ノーラ) → ‘Agreeable spiral shellfish’
        • Nour(a) → ノウラ (Noura)
          • Ateji: 惱螺(ノウラ) → ‘Spiral shellfish filled with hate’
  • For a quick and easy way of transliterating English to Katakana, use this converter by the sljfaq.
  • I’ve (perhaps temporarily or not) added ateji transcriptions of the various transliterations, as a little bonus. I’m using the sljfaq converter for that.
    • Note 1 on Ateji: I base the meanings off of the meanings of the individual Kanji characters, which I then try to ‘convert’ into something that makes sense.
    • Note 2 on Ateji: These are really more for fun than anything else. If, for whatever reason, you want to actually use Kanji with original pronunciations, I would recommend just using the translated kanji, and then assigning it the original pronunciation. Ex.: 百合(リリ)(Riri).

1) ^ a, b, c, d Names

A) () - (Ko) is a frequently used suffix in Japanese for feminine names.
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