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Czech Fantasy

This is a Fantasy genre from Czechia. Like with other genres on this wiki, I’ve defined it myself.


Czech Fantasy is a modern genre of fantasy that originated within Czechoslovakia sometime in the 1960s, but might have originated in the 1920s or 1930s. The genre is moderately popular within Czechia and Slovakia and mostly limited to film and TV.
Worldbuilding typically takes inspiration from classic fairy tales, as well as Christian and Slavic mythology but to a much lesser degree.
Stories are typically set in the high middle ages in a central European country, likely inspired by the Holy Roman Empire. The countries tend to be mediaeval kingdoms, although we rarely see anything outside of the capital. Interestingly, the capital is almost always treated as the kingdom, implying city states. The use of “kingdom” seems to just be there because people would find the use of any other term in a medieval setting strange.
The approach to fantasy elements is strange when compared to other Fantasy genres. Fantasy races are completely absent… except for what are called “Devils.”
Devils are the only non-human race that frequently appear within Czech Fantasy stories. Their physical appearance is identical to humans, except they have a tail and horns. They have a generally dark appearance, because they’re covered in soot from top to bottom. They wear dark and sometimes ragged clothing. In temperament, they are mischievous and sometimes, but not always, malicious. They like playing pranks. However, they sometimes have a strong sense of justice, as their purpose is to punish sinners in hell.
Devils are typically benevolent, but are sometimes depicted as malevolent.
Considering the presence of Devils, it’s only natural Hell would be present as well. Hell, however, doesn’t appear as often as the Devils. The appearance of Hell is basically just the stereotypical image: dark caverns with flames around the place. The presence of sinners varies with them sometimes not being seen at all.
In general, magic has a much lighter presence within Czech Fantasy. It’s almost always limited to a few magical items or magical beings. Devils are obviously magical, but humans usually lack magic altogether. Magical items are far more common, sometimes more common than Devils.
Outside of this, plotlines vary… but are generally modelled after fairy tales, similar to Disney princess films. They’re all very simple and family-friendly. I’ve yet to see a “Dark Czech Fantasy” story.

Trivia and Notes

  • With the existence of Hell, naturally Heaven also sometimes exists. Heaven, however, is barely even mentioned and appears far less often.
  • Dragons are occasionally mentioned as well but basically never appear outside of a few stories. I imagine this is due to the cost of special effects.
  • It would be interesting to see someone from the West or the East attempt to write a Czech Fantasy story. I will not be that someone.
  • Probably the strangest sub-genre of Czech Fantasy would be Urban Czech Fantasy, which has existed since the 60s maybe? It’s much harder to describe though.
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