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Original Artwork

This article is (temporarily) for keeping track of the stuff I make myself. Maybe in the future I’ll have a better way of doing this, but for now it’s fine.
Not to be confused with Images.


This is the current version of my Avatar. It’s an evolution of my previous versions, condensing the two… things, making them more circular.
The centre features a mitsudomoe.
One day, I will post older versions.



These are flags (and a map) I created for Aldnoah.Zero, because the official flags suck.


A map that represents the political situation around the Earth.

Empire of Vers

The flag is mostly red because of Mars, shocking I know.
The middle circle represents Mars and the two others represent the two moons of Mars. Here I was inspired by the Expanse.
The star in the middle is inspired by patterns I saw in Nordic sweaters, because the lore states the settlers of Mars were of Russian and Scandinavian origin.
The border is just there because I thought it would fit with the Scandinavian thing.
I don’t actually like it as much as I did when I made it and I’ll probably remake it again.

Orbital Knights

I decided to make a flag for the Orbital Knights as I felt they’re a separate entity from Vers.
Each of the little six-pointed stars represents an individual knight. There is an odd number of them, which is why you’ll notice a small error I need to fix.
The circle in the middle represents the Earth. The stars are thus orbiting it.
The circle to the right represents the Moon.

United Nations/United Earth Alliance

I thought the official one was even worse than the Martian one, so here it is.
It’s basically just the UN flag, without the peace leaves, because the Earth had been preparing for war for years by the time the series starts.
The incomplete ring is meant to represent the new ring around the earth.
The circle to the top left represents the Moon. The two blue lines are meant to correspond to the two lines the ring is made up of.

Spoiler for the Second Season


Future Foundation

This is just the logo of the Future Foundation from Danganronpa. I remade it myself because I didn’t like how the original looked.
Make finding the differences a game.


Special Region Flag

A flag I created for the possible administration of the Special Region.
The idea is that it represents what it’s like to look at the GATE from the special region.
The semi-circle at the bottom is meant to be the GATE itself, while the Japanese flag attached to a flag-pole right next to the GATE.
I don’t remember why I added the stripes, style?

Special Region Map

Map of the special region I made from tracing an existing map you can find on the wikia.
I was very proud of myself when I made this one

Sword Art Online

A theoretical logo for the SAO game I created a while back. I based it on a few icons.


Ghost of Kyiv

After hearing about this legend, I decided to create an emblem for him.
 Ghost of Kyiv
It’s an outline of a Mig-29 “Fulcrum” from the top with angel wings attached. It’s rotated at a 44° angle, because Ukraine gained independence in 1994. The background is the Ukrainian flag obviously.
The (Ukrainian) text reads:

Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля
The Glory and Freedom of Ukraine has not Yet Perished

The font used is Vollkorn
You are free to use it as you wish.
PDF version - SVG version - EPS version - PNG DL

Random Flags

 Alimonium Kingdom
I created this flag for an online game I played for a single day before I got bored of it.
It’s not one of my best works, but I feel bad it’s just sitting around on my HD.

A flag for a future version of the United States with 53 states.

I was probably very proud when I made this one.
It’s a flag for a theoretical caliphate of Andalusia, with a twist I will not reveal.

Very Old Misc Artwork

This is just a random collection of stuff I created a very long time ago.

The last one is my attempt at recreating the War Machines from Doctor Who.

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