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Angel Beats!

Welcome to the Barnacle Extinction Prevention Battlefront!

This franchise started with an Anime and then it got a Light Novel and Manga spin-offs. Finally, Key created a Visual Novel and now we’re stuck waiting for the sequel.
Broadly, it’s about a guy who dies and ends up in the afterlife. There, he meets a group of people whose sworn goal is to kick God’s ass.



I quite liked the Anime. Sometimes the animation looked iffy, but that’s a minor detail.
The characters and their interactions were handled pretty well and it’s likely one of my favourite parts of the show (along with the gags, both foreground and background).
The worst part of the show is how short it was. We get a bunch of characters who are either:

  1. Introduced, but we don’t learn much about them.
  2. Have unique designs, but they almost never have plot relevance.

I read somewhere that this was because it was originally planned to have twice as many episodes, but some behind-the-scenes stuff reduced it to 12. At least the extended material (including the OVAs) minimize this short length.
I highly recommend the OVAs. They are mostly comedic, but they’re still worth watching. They made me laugh, if that means anything.

Heaven's Door

Chapters 1-70 focus on the first year. Time is then compressed, by a lot. This is the aspect I dislike the most. The time between individual chapters goes from a few days or weeks to several decades. I’m not joking.
Overall, I like the Manga; since we get a deeper look at the characters and the start of the Battlefront.

1st Beat

As I was playing the VN the first few times through, I knew it would become my favourite VN.
It manages to do exactly what I’ve always wanted from both VNs and Games and surpassed my expectations a bit. I’m sad I didn’t try to play it before I did.
Basically, every choice you make affects the game in some way. A seemingly unimportant choice near the beginning can lead to a completely different outcome near the end. The best part? There are hundreds of choices. You can play it hundreds of times and you’ll still end up seeing things you’ve never seen before.
For your first playthrough, I recommend making decisions you would make IRL. Then, play the complete opposite (usually a huge pervert for some reason). You’ll understand immediately what I meant in the previous paragraph.
Also, although this might just be me, the VN is incredibly immersive. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything as immersive as this. Very early in my first playthrough I already felt like I was a part of the world, I didn’t see myself as following Otonsahi’s view… I was the one experiencing everything.
Although it’ll sound strange, I have a tough time separating Otonashi from myself in my mind. He’s just… a part of “me”. (This may have philosophical value, so wait for Soul!)


This route radically diverges from the Anime.
The Iwasawa route honestly broke me for a while. So much that I still feel bad about it and I wholeheartedly believe I will still feel bad about it for the rest of my life. Thinking about it makes me tear up.
The route is a rollercoaster, going from extremely happy to extremely depressing in the span of a few hours.
Overall though, the ending is bittersweet. I’m not sure if I’ll experience anything like it again.
Takamatsu’s bro status took me by surprise and… it’s just so heartwarming.


This route is basically just the Anime.
Overall, the Yui route is a lot better than what we see in the Anime. First, it takes place over a longer time frame. Second, you get to learn more about all the characters involved (Yui, Hinata, etc.). We actually get to learn Hinata’s backstory here, his backstory is pretty interesting too.
While I thought I wouldn’t cry (because I didn’t really cry in the Anime for Yui, heartless I know), I was taken by surprise. Something about this just works much better than in the Anime. I actually buy the relationship between Yui and Hinata.
Overall, a pretty good route.


This route doesn’t diverge from the Anime as radically as the Iwasawa route.
Although I hesitate to say so, I think this is the weakest route. That being said, it isn’t bad.
The whole route is basically the bromance between Otonashi and Matsushita, one that is… beautiful, honestly.
This one did make me cry as well, I’ll admit. Though aspects of it did get on my nerves, but I can’t remember what those were.

  • Official Site (Note: JP)
  • 1st Beat Site (Note: JP)
  • Wikia (Note: Pretty bad)
  • Something you’ll notice is the title of the VN includes “1st Beat”. That’s because it’s only the first part… of a planned 6 part VN saga. No, I’m not joking.
    • Unfortunately, development on the further beats stalled after the writer experienced health problems. I think he’s fine now (I’m not sure, I’ll have to check sometime), but I haven’t heard anything about the remaining beats.
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