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Chan from “2channel” and verse from “universe” make the word Chanverse.
This term I use to refer to all the anonymous text and image boards that exist.


I am actually a newcomer. My first visit to a *chan was about 2-3 years ago. Prior to then, I knew basically nothing.
On top of that… I’ve found I’m not actually all that interested in *chan culture. While I do have an interest, it’s not quite as big as my interest in Japanese Media.
I don’t even regularly visit any *chans anymore, with 4-ch and maybe Sushichan being the only ones I occasionally check up on. This is mostly because most chans are slow and none really appeal to my interests.

Chan Articles

  • As my peers have much more written on the Chanverse, I will link to their articles on the subjects.
  • Compendium of Personal Ignorance article on “Chans”.
  • Everything Rumia Knows article on “Bulletin Boards”.
  • Their other *chan articles are also fairly good and I recommend reading them if you’re interested.
  • Again, my interest in *chans has waned recently. Beyond the ones already mentioned, I am unlikely to do anything else *chan related.
  • I thought I coined the term chanverse, but apparently not. The honour (probably) goes to some anon who made a flowchart about *chans.
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