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This is the News section of the website, it is for… news. It includes an RSS feed that you can subscribe to so you don’t have to manually check. Correction, I thought it did, dunno what to do now.

Another another minor Update

I’ve published a new article which I had been working on for months. It’s called What if Academy City existed? and I’m fairly proud of it.
Besides that, I’ve made some misc changes. The most significant change was that I changed the font(s) for the site. I think it looks nice now, although I’m disappointed the serif font didn’t look that great for the main text.
The other change was that I updated the aphorism generators. By ‘update’ I mean I remade them and cleaned up their code. I hadn’t actually checked it before I uploaded them, so when I finally did check it, I found a mess. They should be somewhat ‘lighter’ than before. I’ve also changed the font, to differentiate ‘mine’ from the originals, seeing as Kazamatsuri's site is still functioning.
That’s about it.

More Current

I don’t know what I could put here, besides how hungry I feel.

2022-09-28 11:44:44 · ninjasr

Another Minor Update

As this is a minor update, I’ll try to keep it small.
There have been no serious new additions since the last update, I have, however, made a few small changes here and there. Mostly correcting grammatical or spelling mistakes. Besides that, I opened up the List of names and their 'Translations' and 'Transliterations' article again and added two new names. I believe it will now be in the same place as Independent Reviews and Words, Phrases, and Names I find interesting - that being, something I can update quickly and with minimal effort.
One strange issue that’s cropped up recently actually has to do with the reviews. I’ve started putting far more effort into them, evident from the one for unciv. This technically means that reviews don’t count as low-effort anymore, so that article will be updated far less. So technically, I’ve replaced one low-effort article with another.

Change in direction...again

Now to explain something more significant. Roughly a year ago, if I remember correctly, I made the decision to impose some ‘standards’ on my media articles. Back then, I had the idea to make each media article set an alternative to the various fan-run wikis online, one that’s written in a more relaxed style, with more relevant information, and with more accurate information. To accomplish this, I decided to impose a similar structure on all the articles, and even split them in predictable ways. Over the course of this past week, and today especially, I realized this was a massive mistake. So, I have chosen to abandon it, and going back to the ‘anarchic’ style of before.
I shall lay out my reasons for doing so, as it may be hard to understand why I have chosen to do this.

  • The wiki provides a skewed view of what I’m actually interested in.
    • For example, I am a fairly big fan of Bionicle, but you’d have no idea from the wiki.
    • While I believe this is unavoidable, the structure exacerbates this issue because…
  • The structure makes writing, and finishing, article sets much slower.
  • The structured approach doesn’t mesh well with what I’m passionate about at the time.
  • The structure makes me not want to finish articles.
    • Quite a few articles have just been sitting in the playground, with what I consider to be well-written and practically finished sections…that I haven’t released because everything else is empty.
  • There is no way I can actually realistically compete with the fan-run wikis.

These are the reasons I have chosen to abandon this approach. I’ve also decided to go back through the articles I’ve already written, and fix them up to be more bearable.
Besides what’s mentioned above, I also find myself writing ‘misc’ information far more enjoyable than on characters and worldbuilding. There are exceptions of course, but not many.
Aspects of the structure are likely to stay, but perhaps only as means of categorization.

Besides that, something else that’s come to bother me is how disconnected the content is from one-another. As interlinking is a major advantage of a wiki over, say, a blog, it’s something of a shame I haven’t taken more advantage of this. I hope I try to fix this.

More Current

One idea I previously had was to turn the news section into a semi-blog thing. I’m still not entirely sure about it, but I’m going to include these sections from now on. These will explain what I’m thinking about around the time I write these up.

The Legend of Zelda

I’ve found myself getting engrossed in the Zelda franchise. Unfortunately, the only Zelda game I’ve ever spent any significant amount of time with is the Phantom Hourglass, so this likely won’t come up for a while…while I go and play the games.
One of my interests with Zelda is how it doesn’t neatly fit into my previously established (and, unfortunately, not yet fully revealed or developed…) fantasy genre categorization. Zelda seems to be separate from what I call ‘Japanese Western-Style Fantasy’ which is odd…and that makes it interesting.
Another thing I will most likely comment about (when I do) is the timeline. The timeline is a complete mess and I’m likely to take my own approach to canon, separate from the official canon - constructing my own timeline, or set of timelines.

Luni-Solar Calendar

Yesterday, I decided to revisit my attempt at making a Luni-Solar calendar. Roughly 4-5 hours later, I realized I’d probably need to put more effort into making it work. On top of that, I concluded the Gregorian calendar is already basically ‘perfect’.
An explanation of why I want to create a Luni-Solar calendar would probably fit more on the eventual article for it, so I won’t bother. However, I found that 1. it’s far more complex than expected and 2. Artifexian’s video on making them is trash.

The Tengwar

The Tengwar are a writing system developed by Tolkien, and I hope to have some kind of article about them in the future. I’m not sure how I could possibly structure such an article, but we can leave that for later.

That is generally it for this minor update. There’s more text than I expected, but that’s alright.


2022-08-29 16:01:01 · ninjasr

Summer Update

It’s been something of a long time since the last update eh?
There are two reasons why: The first is that I’m simply lazy, which is one of my most significant flaws and the second is that I shifted from writing and immediately publishing to writing in the playground first. The result of both of these together made updates to the (public) wiki basically non-existent.
However, I will… try to fix my general laziness.
Also, even if I don’t explicitly say so in an update, I do occasionally update Independent Reviews and Words, Phrases, and Names I find interesting since they don’t require the same amount of effort as a regular article.


    • Essentially a few alternate spelling systems I came up with.
    • A creator article. Extremely basic so far.
    • A bizarre article I’ve had cooking for almost a year.
    • Lists all of the images I don’t create myself and where they came from.
    • Intended to list whatever fonts I create. Currently only lists one.

I’ve also added the following independent reviews:


What's being worked on

    • The reviews are essentially complete, but the Characters, Worldbuilding, and Gameplay sections/sub-articles are still being worked on. I was initially playing through the game a second time, while taking notes, but for reasons I can’t continue playing currently. So for now, it will be placed into ‘stasis.’
    • I’m compiling a set of notes from the LN, which I am currently reading, and writing some Speculah.
    • A number of Evangelion-related articles are currently sitting around in the playground. However, I’m not at all sure when I’ll be done with these. I’ve been working on these for a long time, so I doubt I’ll be finished anytime soon.
    • Like with the Evangelion articles, I’ve been working on these articles for a long time. When I’ll be done is unclear.
    • In theory, I’m working on a personal calendar thing. It will be a luni-solar calendar, vaguely inspired by the Japanese (read: Chinese) one, with a few personal spins.


I was planning on releasing a number of AKIRA related articles, but decided against it. My interest in AKIRA was never really all that big, which is why I planned to just write about the specific things that interested me, but even then I lost interest. I might reveal them in the future sometime, but I might not either. The reviews will be released at some point, however.
I was also planning on releasing some stories I was working on in the background, but I decided that can wait.

2022-08-01 14:58:56 · ninjasr

Minor Update

This is just a small update… thing.
So I have a lot of articles queued up in the playground. However, I don’t really get to them because I feel there’s a bit too much to write. So, instead, I’ll scale back the size of articles slightly. This will manifest like so:

  • Character sections will no longer concern themselves with describing each and every character from the beginning. Instead, I will focus on describing the most important, or notable, characters first. This will likely manifest as ‘if I don’t care about the character, I won’t write about them.’
  • Worldbuilding will be limited to the main locations and what I consider to be otherwise notable.

I realised I can just update the articles gradually over time.
Hopefully this means I’ll finish a few more articles.

2022-04-08 07:59:37 · ninjasr

Smaller Changes

I’ve published two new articles:

They describe a sub-genre and genre respectively. Two more genre articles may come soon.
I updated the list of ligatures a little. I switched from using Arial to using IPAMincho and IPAGothic instead and added a few ligatures/changed some of the ones that were there before. I also removed the “list of those to be made”, because I didn’t see much point in it. The article itself is considered “complete” in the “it will be constantly in flux” meaning of “complete.”
Additionally, I added an Original Artwork article, which includes some of the stuff I made.
Finally, I believe I added a Pledge of Public Domain.

Ninja… out!

2022-03-20 09:51:55 · ninjasr
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