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/azu/ - Azumanga

An accurate way to view /azu/

/azu/ is an imageboard dedicated to Azumanga. Azumanga is a manga and anime series that’s pretty niche I think? It was popular on SA and 4chan back in the day.
The board itself has been soldiering on for… a long time.

Board impressions

/AZU/ in the flesh

The posters on the board all seem to be nice. Very very little hostility, which gives it a relaxing feel.
Although I have yet to actually watch and read Azumanga, I have a feeling the board will become a place I visit regularly after I do.

In terms of speed… it’s kinda slow. The most active thread is about a discord server… not exactly a chan kinda thing to do.
However, it isn’t the only active thread… the rest are fairly active too.
I’d rank it as slower than 4-ch but faster than DameIB. I realise it likely isn’t too hard to be faster than DameIB though.


Idlechan connection

The board wasn’t a part of the original coalition(s) but was in the short revival - Idlechan. Although technically that isn’t part of the Idlechan thing because it was a personal thing and not a cooperative thing…
It was pointed out to me recently that while it wasn’t part of the coalition(s), it was hosted on Wakachan.

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