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List of names and their 'Translations' and 'Transliterations'

This article is a list of translations of names. Currently, it only includes a few names rendered in Japanese, because I really like Japanese. Maybe in the future I will include other languages.


At some point in time I asked myself a seemingly simple question - what would my name be if translated into Japanese? After some digging, I disappointingly only found transliterations. Then I decided to do it myself, but stumbled upon a problem: how?
The answer I arrived at would be to see the meaning behind my name, find an equivalent meaning in Japanese, and then simply say ‘that’s my name right there!'
After a while, I started to wonder what other names would be like, so here we are. My name has a fairly complicated meaning, so I haven’t figured it out yet.

Note on Translation & Transliteration

The difference between these two is fairly simple to explain. Translation is the act of converting something from one language to another. So the word ‘sky’ would be ‘空’ in Japanese. Transliteration is simply rewriting a word phonetically in another language/script.


  • Estelle
    • This name means ‘star’1) in the original lingua. I believe it would work as:
      • (ほし) - (Hoshi) - meaning ‘star.’
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Estelle → エステル (Esuteru)
      • By spelling:
        • Estelle → エステッレ (Esuterre)
  • Keira/Ciara
    • As this one means ‘black’1) in the original lingua, I think I can safely say this would become:
      • (くろ) - (Kuro) - which means ‘black’.
    • However, we should not forget that ‘Ciara’ is a feminine version of the original word. So, logically, the translation should also be feminized:
      • 黒子(くろこ) - (Kuroko) - Which means ‘black girl/child’ A).
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Keira/Ciara → キーラ (Kīra)
      • By spelling:
        • Keira → ケイラ (Keira)
        • Ciara → キアラ (Kiara)
  • Lilian (and variations thereof)
    • This name is a variant of ‘Lily’1) which is a flower, and Japanese has a direct name:
      • 百合(ゆり) - (Yuri)
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Lily → リリ (Riri)
        • Lilian → リリアン (Ririan)
        • Liliana → リリアナ (Ririana)
  • Noor (and variations thereof)
    • This name means ‘light’1) in the original lingua, so I believe it would become:
      • (ひかり) - (Hikari) - which means ‘light.’
    • For the transliterations:
      • By pronunciation:
        • Nora/Norah → ノラ (Nora)
        • Nura/Noora → ヌラ (Nura)
      • By spelling:
        • Noora → ノーラ (Nōra)
        • Nour(a) → ノウラ (Noura)
  • I never found what my name would be in Japanese.

1) ^ a, b, c, d Names

A) () - (Ko) is used frequently as a suffix in Japanese for feminine names.
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