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Stroke Order for Various things

“Stroke order” is essentially the order in which you draw lines to make letters and such.
English has no standard stroke order. So, I decided to have some fun.
I’ll include non-cursive and cursive examples.


When I was a child, I attended an elementary school.
One day, our teacher told us that she found reading all of our handwriting difficult (because we all wrote differently). She proclaimed that from then on, we’d all learn cursive to make our handwriting consistent.
At the time, I didn’t really understand how that made sense, but I do now. Generally, even if it varies, if everyone has the same stroke order (and each letter has its own order that is unique-ish) it isn’t too difficult to figure out what letter is which.


A brief note: I am using a mouse to do most of this, not a pen tablet or something like that.
Another note: The cursive isn’t following any sort of “official” way of doing it, since I generally dislike those. This cursive intends to make the letters actually look like the letters.

Letter A


The result is generally the same either way.

Method 1
Method 2
Cursive A

As I mentioned before, this is done to make the letter A actually look like the letter A. Most of the cursive I’ve seen just makes it look like a bigger version of the lowercase one.


There are two different ones here.

Method 1

This one is fairly straightforward (and I’ll bet this is the one you were taught when you were young).

Method 2a

This one took me a fair amount of thinking before I figured it out.
You could do it in one stroke… which is what I’ll show now.

Method 2b

This is a lot easier on paper.


They’re both surprisingly easy (you can do both in 1 stroke no problem). Just that the pictures I prepared might be hard to understand.

Method 1
Method 2

Letter B


Method 1

I believe this is the most common stroke order for the letter B. But I did figure out how to write it in just 1 stroke.

Method 2

Not too difficult.

Method 1 and only.

This took me a little bit but I figured it out in the end.


Letter C

Letter D

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