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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a franchise about a bunch of FDVRMMORPG players who get trapped inside of an FDVRMMORPG. Unfortunately for them and their dreams; dying in the game means dying for real.

This article will remain mostly empty for a while, as I don’t yet have the motivation to work on it…because I don’t remember all that much about SAO, due to the fact it’s been a few years since I last went through the series.
Ironically, although perhaps not surprisingly, I know more about SAO Abridged at this point.


I will slowly start to work on these reviews (and the rest of the article) as time goes on. I will maintain a set of notes, that I will include here if you wish to read them, before I actually write something proper up. They’ll be placed in spoilers.


Sword Art Online

My impression of SAO has remained consistent over the years - it’s alright.
The series isn’t a masterpiece, or even that great, but it’s around a 7.5. I think it’s a reasonable enough start to get people into anime, and I don’t think it’s all that bad.
The series does suffer from some pretty serious storytelling issues, but I think it’s fairly telling that SAO’s issues aren’t that significant compared to the godawful storytelling in western film…and SAO is considered one of the worst shows, which reflects well on anime as a whole.
What’s interesting about SAO is that people’s views of SAO have been clouded to a point where a lot of criticism is simply invalid, and can be disproven simply by watching the show and paying attention (a blasphemous concept, I know). I think this is due to the detrimental influence of reddit and anime youtubers.
In fact, after realizing this, I started to realize that my own views on SAO are up in the air as far as being valid or not, which is why I won’t say anything specific until I’ve actually gone back through the series.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

This is (currently) the only thing that I will comment on, although still generally.
Ordinal Scale is bad, it’s not well written, although it isn’t awful. There are some interesting ideas in here, but most of them are wasted because the writing isn’t the best.



While Kirito has more of a character, he feels disconnected with the rest of the series (at least from what I’ve currently experienced). This is also true of Asuna. And of their relationship. Kibaou actually feels like a character, rather than an idiot like in the anime.
It’s a shame that the manga appears to have ended early, because it’s probably the best of SAO, as far as the Aincrad portions go.

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